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It's Time to Breathe



A dream has turned into reality in the creation of something beautiful and fantastic. We have created a society, a place of refuge, health, and companionship with others of like-mind, goals, and values. We have created a community, a sanctuary, an incredible resource for all that is healthy in body and mind. This is a society that you can become a part of – that will become a part of you. Your place for all that comforts, rejuvenates, restores you, but most of all heals you. Relaxation, meditation, invigoration, restoration – without discrimination.


This is not only our dream, but your dream, your wish for a resource for complete natural health. Let us take your hand and guide you to a more healthy way of life. One that is filled with knowledge, compassion, advice, understanding, tips, tools, and hope. A sanctuary for natural healing, nutrition, physical and mental wellness, awareness, and clarity. Let us show you how to slow down, look around and take part in the beauty of what is.

We are so glad you are here...

Spencer W.

[5.0 star rating]
"This place is amazing! I've been coming here for 8 or 9 years now, and have yet to see a more powerful treatment than Acupuncture. The past 3 1/2 years I've been in Los Angeles and only get to come in to see Dr. Yoo a few times a year when returning home. Being on the west coast I've seen other acupuncturists when needed and I can honestly say that Dr. Yoo is THE BEST. She treats the whole person and looks at all aspects of your lifestyle, habits and emotions that could be affecting your health. Being treated here has been one of the most powerful things I've ever done, and it's affected my life in ways beyond any aches and pains or health complaints. Whenever anyone tells me of a problem they might be having with their health, Dr. Yoo is always the #1 recommendation I give. Definitely try this out, book a few sessions and see for yourself."

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