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Meet our Practitioners

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Breathe Offers So Many Choices

At Breathe our goal is You.  We have an abundance of treatments, combinations of treatments, and choices for your health and healing journey.  From Acupuncture, Hypnosis, and Meditation to more than 20 Different types of Massage Therapy and weekly Yoga Classes, we strive to have what you want and need now, and are continuing to add more new and healthy options.  We are always open to suggestions and may have space available if you know of an excellent practitioner you would like to refer. 

                                       Breathe is here for You...

Dr. Kim Yoo received her associate degree from Johnson County Community College, attended UMKC, completed her Bachelor's degree in Human Anatomy & Physiology, and earned her doctorate at Cleveland University.  

Dr. Yoo has completed thousands of hours of study, 15 years of internship, and holds numerous certificates in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, including Five Element Acupuncture, TCM, Meridian Therapy, Facial Rejuvenation and Scalp Acupuncture, Fertility and Hormonal Imbalance, Weight Control, and more. She has completed the study, research, and extensive practice in conditions associated with the nervous system including Bell’s Palsy, peripheral neuropathy, migraine/headache, generalized pain, and stroke-associated neuropathy, as well as extensive study and experience in the field of pain control/relief.  She has been studying TCM/Acupuncture for more than 24 years and practicing for more than 20 years.   

She has extensive training in men's and women's hormonal issues including menopause, erectile dysfunction, peri-menopause, and menstrual irregularities/imbalance.  All of this combined with excellent treatment results has earned Dr. Yoo a very long list of dedicated patients, from as far away as Omaha and Dallas to right next door, and she is humbled and very grateful for each one.  Dr. Yoo is the mother of two perfect children and the Grandmother of three perfect grandsons - her pride and her joy!


Michael Jondle

Health Coach, Personal Trainer 

For those on a journey towards optimal health, Michael boasts a diverse skill set, encompassing health coaching, dietary supplement specialization, and personal training.

With over three years of dedicated experience as a functional medicine consultant, he delves deep into the root causes of health issues, preferring a comprehensive approach over symptomatic treatments. Michael's passion for holistic health isn't just professional—it's personal. Stemming from his own transformative journey as a patient, he developed an unwavering commitment to holistic health. This lifelong experience not only enriches his practice but also ensures that he approaches every individual with genuine empathy and understanding.

As a guide, Michael's philosophy is to empower individuals to reclaim their health and vitality. Whether it's through tailored supplement guidance, personalized training regimes, or holistic health coaching, he's devoted to helping others breathe easier and live fuller lives.

Join Michael at Breathe-The Wellness Society, and embark on a journey towards wellness, where every step is guided by expertise and a true passion for well-being.

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Delight Davis has worked in Holistic Health for over 40 years as a midwife, educator, coach, and energy worker.
Fascinated with energy healing as a child, she has apprenticed with healers, attended conferences, and studied energy and health modalities.  
Delight is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP), working with hundreds of clients using energy techniques such as Healing Touch, EFT (Tapping), Visualization, Meditation, and Breath Work. 
She's provided support for chronic illness, pain, injury, grief, anxiety, depression, surgery, pregnancy, birth, immunity, self-confidence, weight gain or loss, parenting, end-of-life processing, and more.
Delight loves working with all ages and offers classes, healing retreats, and private sessions.
She enjoys nature, traveling, and hanging out with her husband, 5 kids, 5 grandkids, and 5 GREAT grandkids!


Sloan Simon, Esthetician

Sloan specializes in restorative and regenerative esthetics, including anti-aging and hair restoration therapy programs.  

She began her career in esthetics in 2012 as the owner and operator of The Beauty Room in Overland Park, KS, offering facials, micro-needling, dermal peels, make-up application, skincare, and more.  She has studied under Dr. Yoo for more than 10 years is certified in facial and body micro-needling for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, hair loss, skin tone and texture, and the effects of aging.

Sloan has three adorable little boys and a loving partner, Grant.

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Laura is an adult and child yoga instructor and is also a Nia Black Belt instructor. She served as the wellness coach for UCLA and was previously a health and wellness trainer for Head Start through the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Internationally acclaimed master intuitive, author and globally certified access consciousness facilitator Cathleen Miller has been working with clients around the world as a professional medium and distance energy consultant for business + wellness since 2000. She is the creator of several wellness retreat programs featured in Conde Nast resorts as well as the soul spiral method which she trains other leading wellness practitioners in alongside her bodywork training and private clientele. Her target is to raise consciousness for the planet as well as those who are ready to step into their own empowered space of greater well-being, wealth, and possibility.


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Dr. Jennifer Fleske, DC

Dr. Jennifer grew up in central Kansas and went on a journey to natural healing at Cleveland Chiropractic College where she earned her B.A. in Human Biology and her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Upon graduation, she worked in several different clinics and treated a wide variety of neuromuscular skeletal problems. When her daughter was born she decided to spend the time at home and manage the household. She is passionate about each patient and cannot wait to work with you in solving your ailments.  

Dr. Fleske specializes in individualized treatment plans to increase mobility, release tight muscles, and allow you to breathe well again. She will examine how you move and what is causing any dysfunction throughout your entire body. She incorporates relaxed gentle movements to allow your body to improve posture. The treatment will relieve pain and stiffness allowing daily activities and exercises to become effortless. She can help with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, rib and chest tightness, low back, hips, leg, ankle, and foot problems.


Mekenna Foster

Empire Esthetics & Co brings a unique twist to the beauty industry by providing a wide variety of services through passion. All the services include; Customizable Facials, Body Treatments, Massages, Aromatherapy, Lash Lift & Tints, and Waxing. This is an environment to just “be”, while not only benefiting from physical results but also releasing emotional blockages, bringing peace and balance from within!

Veronica Robertson1.png


I found my love of yoga in 2014 while pregnant. This practice brought so much physical and emotional relief during this stage of life. 

The passion for the practice was solidified as I made it part of my marathon training in 2015, and decided to pursue a certification recognizing all the benefits it brings to all bodies. 

I owned two Yoga studios in SC from Feb 2017-July 2022. 

I had the privilege to teach so many different formats and reach participants of all backgrounds, ages, body abilities and fitness levels. 

Now living in the KC area I’m looking forward to being a student and a yoga teacher to share my energy and love for this practice. 

I have completed certifications in Chair/Senior Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Kids Yoga, Trauma informed Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Buti Yoga, among others. 


Trinity Ball

My name is Trinity, and through my certification as a sound healer, I have loved learning about the history and science behind sound healing and how deeply it can help our mind, body, and spirit. For thousands of years people have revered sound as a sacred healing modality, and through my studies and practice, I have found it is a powerful healer. Sound healing quickly became a passion of mine after a profound realization that my mission in this life is to help those around me by working with their energy. My job as a healer and intuitive in your session is to help you establish a goal that will benefit your well-being, and then guide your energy through a process of healing. The sounds I use create an environment that allows for you to enter into a deep meditation while the vibrations work through the body to move energy and release blockages. Sound healing is a great opportunity to create a self-care practice, time to connect with spirit, or time to help yourself heal from physical or mental pain you might

be experiencing. Your healing journey is unique to you, as is each sound healing


Natasha Lee

Natasha Lee, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Care Coach has 20+ years of experience in the holistic health industry and is the owner of The Chakra Bliss Center for Healing & Day Spa of 20 years.  Natasha is also the owner and principal blender of the Chakra Bliss Tea Company.  She founded and created Chakra Bliss University, an online self-care membership site.   Natasha is also a licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Crystal Reader, and a two-time author.  Natasha helps women from all walks of life give birth to their true and authentic selves through the art and practice of Sacred Self-Care, Healing Circles, and Retreat Experiences. Natasha offers Massage, Lymphatic Healing, Reflexology,Reiki, Aromatherapy, Cupping, Facial Treatments, Crystal Therapy, Coaching, and Herbal Formulation.



My name is Jennifer and I am an entrepreneur, Human Design Coach, an Intuitive Embodiment Guide, a physio-spiritual massage therapist, dance fitness instructor, Young Living Brand Partner and meditation leader.

I use multiple modalities including bodywork, BodyMind Coaching, Human Design, Reiki, Essential Oils and meditation to help people feel empowered through embodiment. When you bring your intentional awareness into the present moment and into the body, it allows you to move stagnant energy out and make room for fresh energy, just like you do with your breath.

I believe that each of us has the responsibility to heal ourselves and any tools or therapist we use are just there to assist us in that internal work of healing. Ultimately, my job is to facilitate and hold space for my client to connect with their inner healer so the work that we do together in a customized container is effective and long lasting.

Melissa Saubers pic-2.jpg

Melissa Saubers

"I help my clients discover and remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that are numbing and dulling their life so they can begin to heal. I guide them on a journey of healing and expansion while holding them in a safe container where they can access insights and awareness, repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal their hearts, and expand into their fullest expression of their most authentic self."

Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy: Grace Space Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Healing Hypnosis: Temple of Divinity, Breathwork Facilitator: Alchemy of Breath, Cacao Ceremonialist: Love Cacao, Yoga and Meditation Teacher: True Love Yoga, Reiki: Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing, Energy Healer & Channeler: The Be Love Healing School Danielle LaPorte's, Heart Centered Facilitator

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