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Jumping In Headfirst

Having never had a real "Blog" before, I was hesitant to jump in, however, if I don't start now I undoubtedly never will - So, here goes!

I suppose I should first give you the history of Breathe - The Wellness Society. My timing was bad. Just before the big Covid shut-down I had planned to open a holstic wellness center with a few other practitioners. Then all Hell broke loose and that plan, and the world, was put on the hold for a couple of years. In April of 2022 I found a space available in my perfect area. I had previously owned a practice in Waldo in 2002 and loved the small town community feel of the area. This building was just one block away from that first clinic! I secured the building and began construction.

The building had not been updated in many years and so we had to practically start from scratch. We ripped out the floors, doors, and some of the walls and then replaced them all, with the plan to create a space of calm, beautiful energy that was a place of refuge from the noisy, busy outside world. It took several months but we did it! My brother is the construction, electrical, plumbing, etc., genius, as he has been on all of my projects. He must really love me, because we have faced some very real challenges and he never complains! I am very lucky and also very blessed.

In the end we created a beautiful space. I am not kidding when I say that everyone who comes in Breathe says, "Wow, I love this! It's beautiful!"

We had our grand opening in September and have been building since. We offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Esthetics, Weekly Classes, Monthly Classes and Events, Day Retreats and More.

As our site says; A dream has turned into reality in the creation of something beautiful and fantastic. We have created a society, a place of refuge, health, and companionship with others of like-mind, goals, and values. We have created a community, a sanctuary, an incredible resource for all that is healthy in body and mind. This is a society that you can become a part of – that will become a part of you. Your place for all that comforts, rejuvenates, restores you, but most of all heals you. Relaxation, meditation, invigoration, restoration – without discrimination.


This is not only our dream, but your dream, your wish for a resource for complete natural health. Let us take your hand and guide you to a more healthy way of life. One that is filled with knowledge, compassion, advice, understanding, tips, tools, and hope. A sanctuary for natural healing, nutrition, physical and mental wellness, awareness, and clarity. Let us show you how to slow down, look around and take part in the beauty of what is.

We are so glad you are here...

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